Prediction for the match Bangladesh – Republic of Ireland

Bangladesh - Ireland

Well, I didn’t know where the last 100 points would be placed, and naturally I decided to throw them into the Gurmanbet competition, and tomorrow the last control meetings before the World Cup will be held by the teams that will fight in the first round.

Strong national team Bangladesh, which plays in the world championships almost always, but the best place in the world championship Twenty 20 is ranked eighth despite being ranked sixth in the world. In recent weeks, the team did not hold control meetings, and the last games were back in September against the strong national teams of Australia and New Zealand. They will be opposed by the number 12 team in the rankings, but Ireland is not considered the elite of world cricket and they are in the second echelon, but they also almost always play in the world championships, as well as the best place for them. 8th.

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Bangladesh is a clear favorite, but there were very strong adjustments, and the coefficient fell from 7.0 to 3.5, some bookmakers generally give 2.6-2.8. Perhaps Bangladesh will not play with the strongest squad, or they expect that after a long break they will not be able to immediately prove their class. I decided to check with a little what is really going on. Ireland is a team that knows how to shoot, although it doesn’t particularly rely on it. Not so long ago, Ireland beat a strong South African national team, which means that they can beat the Bangladesh team.

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