Germany – Jersey cricket match prediction

Germany - Jersey forecast

Well, why couldn’t it take a long time to decide on this rate, but then I thought that we are actually losing? By and large, I’m a fool, I can do anything and decided to win the Bundestim in the qualifying round game in the European zone for the next World Cup.

This is the first qualifier to feature the top four teams in Europe: Italy, Denmark, Germany and Jersey. Everyone will ask what is Jersey? Jersey is an archipelago with an island close to the English Channel, and in fact it is the UK, but not really. At the legislative level, this is not really Great Britain, but God forbid anyone who is interested in Vika will tell you everything, but their cricket federation is independent, and they play as a separate state that does not exist.

Overall Jersey is the 2015 European Champion and the best team among these teams at number 24. Germany, in turn, has the worst ranking, 36th, but the team is progressing from year to year. They are also 2017 European champions and reigning European champions. The team relies on foreign players and if you look at the picture we can see how many German indigenous players are on this team.

Jersey, of course, also knows how to shoot, but every year it becomes more and more difficult for them to fight the booming cricket in Europe. I went to the website of the German cricket federation and the task is to get to the global qualifier in Zimbabwe, which will take place next year. The favorite is the Italian national team, but Germany will try to move up to second place. One game was played between these teams and the German national team in 2019. I expect them to be stronger now.

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